The only thing worse than not having many publications or accolades to tout in a biography is having to talk about “the author’s” two cats in third person. (I don’t have any cats.) website_pic2So a little about me and my writing: I got my A.A. in Art on a scholarship and then took an 18 months hiatus for volunteer church service in Hungary. When I got back, I switched my major to English (I still liked drawing cartoons, but I wanted to be a writer, actual talent be damned) and now have a B.S. in English/Creative Writing from Brigham Young University. I’ve had articles published with The Friend magazine and Fight the New Drug. I live in downtown Salt Lake City with an enormous white German Shepherd. I believe most people are ultimately good, I think a good book can change a life, and I believe in ghosts, naps, and proper grammar in texts. I love cold weather, and I could never be a vegetarian.  Among other jobs, I work at Salt Lake City Public Library (the greatest library in the world!) as a reference librarian, and am also a mentor to teens with Salt Lake Teens Write. People are usually extremely patient or annoyed with me as I try to remember which thing I’m supposed to be concentrating on in the current moment.