Freelance Editing Services:

“But editors are still the world’s readers. And thus the eyes of the world.” -Betsy Lerner, The Forest for the Trees


I’m a young adult author of Speak Easy, Speak Love, which comes out from Greenwillow/HarperCollins in September 2017, and am familiar with the mechanics of story and the processes of revision.

Projects I worked on as acquisitions editor at Jolly Fish Press: Jerkbait, by Mia Siegert; Songbyrd, by Anna Silver; Fingertrap  by Johnny Worthen;  Fairy Godmothers, Inc., by Jenniffer Wardell; Scarily Ever After series by Amie and Bethanie Borst.

Projects I’ve worked on as a contract editor for Flux: Seeking Mansfield, by Kate Watson; Welcome Home, an anthology curated by Eric Smith, including stories from others by Mindy McGinnis, Lauren Gibaldi, Nic Stone, and others; Nothing But Sky, by Amy Trueblood; Brave Enough, by Kati Gardner.

Other experience:

Editorial assistant at Friend magazine (children’s writing)

Intern at A+B Works Literary Agency

Pitch Wars Mentor 2016-2017

Salt Lake Teens Write Mentor 2016-2017

#TeenPit Mentor 2017

Services Offered:

After you contact me, we’ll talk about which approach will most benefit your manuscript. Often, a combination of the two is ideal. My fee is based on the length of your manuscript and the type and degree of feedback you’re looking for.

First chapter (10 pages), a synopsis, and a query letter: $25.

I review, reject, and accept dozens of query letters a week. If you can’t figure out why you aren’t getting asked for your full manuscript, I can help you pinpoint the weaknesses and generally make your query better.

BETA CRITIQUE ($.005/per word):

I will read your whole manuscript and send back a comprehensive editorial letter outlining big picture critiques, from word-building issues, character, plot, pacing, genre and age expectations. This package is useful for the early stages of revision, in particular first and second drafts.

DEVELOPMENTAL EDITING: (starting at $.0075 per word)

If you can’t figure out why you’re getting asked for samples, but not getting offers for representation from agents or publishers, this is for you.

Developmental editing helps the writer tighten a manuscript’s scope, helping them focus on what works and what doesn’t by either revising or deleting passages or even entire chapters. Does the plot progress from obstacle to solution in a logical and coherent way? Are the characters fully realized, and do they change and grow as a result of their actions? Is there enough hook to capture readers’ interest and keep them turning the pages? I will make sure your writing is well organized and flows easily, coaching you on sentence structure, word choice, plot, tone, character, setting, and other components of a novel or short story.

The package includes a full read-through of your manuscript and a detailed editorial letter addressing each category as it relates to your story, and also in-document comments, plus a one-hour Skype call to answer any questions.

LINE EDITING: (starting at $.01 per word)

Line edits focus on rhetoric: word choice, sentence structure, character voice, rhythm, authenticity of dialogue, etc, this package is a good fit for manuscripts that have strong foundations, but could use a polish for style and “trimming the fat.” Is the narrative avoiding a repetitive tone by varying sentence structure and word choice? Are the verbs and adjectives contributing to a swift pace and powerful prose? This package includes a full read-through of your manuscript with line-notes inserted via Track Changes. Line notes generally include the suggested action, an explanation of the reason behind it, and an example of one way to accomplish the goal. It will also include an overall editorial letter addressing suggestions that apply to broader issues.


Individual deadlines will depend on the author and what we work out together. In general, beta critiques will take around two weeks, and the developmental editing three to four weeks, and line editing four to six weeks.

Terms of Service:

I accept PayPal or Chase QuickPay, and with the exception of beta critiques, I usually have you pay half the amount to hold your spot, and half once I deliver your edits to you. If for whatever reason I’m unable to complete your manuscript, I will inform you immediately and you’ll receive a full refund of whatever you paid. Before we enter an official agreement, I will edit 5 pages of your manuscript free of charge, so that you can get an idea of what kind of service you’ll be getting.

If interested, send in the form below:



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